About UCAN

UCAN Inc. is a non-profit group of committed community members who are interested in reducing domestic violence in Douglas County. We focus our efforts on the work site and have had great support from our local business and industry.

UCAN Inc. started in 2000 with a 100-man luncheon. The effort was designed to get more men of the community involved in anti-violence efforts, especially domestic violence. From that luncheon, the Business Workplace Committee was formed with interested business and community members.

Each October during Domestic Abuse Awareness Month we have an annual luncheon that has attracted approximately 200 community members each year.

Our active committees are:

  • Events Committee
  • Education Committee
  • Youth Committee
  • Finance Committee
  • Media Committee

Events Committee
Coordinate TSADV Walk
Coordinate Annual Luncheon
Coordinate White Ribbon Campaign

Education Committee
Develop presentations to give to community groups
Provide annual DV training for LE and DV advocates

Youth Committee
Develop programs aimed at youith
Develop relationships with community youth leaders
Explore ways to do more
Strategic planning
Members of board of directors
Determinte what efforts UCAN will focus on

Finance Committee
Keep the financial records of UCAN
Submit application to UWPD
Submit application to Operation Roundup

Media Committee
Develop PSA's for radio
Coordinate articles for Echo Press
Social Media - Facebook - Twitter - etc
Develop material to be used on Social Media